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How to get started with Visually

6 Ways To Immediately Boost Your Growth

1. Add

Easily and quickly add new content to your store without coding. Tired of waiting for developers to implement your sales-boosting ideas? Now you can add them yourself and see results immediately!

2. Edit

Easily modify existing content in a matter of seconds, and simply remove any elements that may negatively impact the customer experience.

3. Personalization & Segmentation

Customize and personalize your store for specific segments by utilizing user behavior, traffic source, and other data to create tailored experiences.

4. A/B Test

Utilize the built-in A/B testing functionality to measure the impact of changes and make informed, data-driven decisions.

5. Product Recommendations

Uplift conversion rate with AI-based Product Recommendations. Test out different layouts and logic (the algorithm that defines which products to show each user) to find the most profitable alternative.

6. Upsells

Increase AOV with smart and fully customizable upsells. A/B test several layouts and logic to maximize revenue.