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How Nectar Bath Treats Increased Revenue By 30%
How Nectar Bath Treats Increased Revenue By 30%

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Nectar Bath Treats is a unique US based company that specializes in crafting absolutely stunning bakery-inspired handmade soap treats. Through engaging experiences that emphasize fun and togetherness, they reinvented the personal care market by making pure joy the primary ingredient.

Over the years, as their sales and staff grew, they experienced firsthand how when adding great minds, the diversity of ideas and opinions that comes with them can sometimes make it challenging to choose the right ones. Furthermore, they recognized the power of data analysis and optimization in revolutionizing the performance of their acquisition campaigns, which prompted them to seek the most effective tools of becoming more data-driven in their online store decisions as well, unlocking their potential for growth.

+22% uplift in CR

+30% uplift in Revenue

32 experiences


Nectar Bath Treats was always following industry best practices and their online store was equipped with all the most popular features, such as cart and checkout upsells, assuming they are maximizing their revenue.

  • The problem was measuring the ACTUAL impact of these additions on their business results and user experience.

  • They recognized that simply comparing before-and-after results isn’t an effective or reliable approach, and that inaccurate conclusions could threaten their growth.

As a result, they sought a solution to obtain the data they needed to make informed decisions about their business strategy without the need of any development resources


The moment Nectar Bath Treats started A/B testing with, they no longer had to guess or manipulate their statistics into concluding if their recent website update was pushing their Conversion-Rates forward or backwards, and their growth was not long in coming.

The team started split-testing many different things they were always curious about, and the results were occasionally very surprising and satisfying. Some of their game-changing experiences were:

  • Cart & Checkout Upsells

Upselling wasn’t new to Nectar Bath Treats, however, switching to’s smart upsells was definitely a big step towards growth. They were finally able to measure their exact impact on the business results. But they didn’t stop there. They took it one step ahead by also testing experiences with different functionalities, designs and algorithms to keep improving results and assuring they’re maximizing their growth potential.

With 0 development and design resources, implemented easily and quickly via the Visual editor empowered by an AI engine, these experiences brought an uplift of 22% in PSV (Per-Session-Value).

  • Cart Items Reminder

Another test that was proven to be a great success was a personalized experience for cart abandonment customers that left products in their carts in the same session or in a previous session during the last month.

Inspired by the proven success of automatic Cart Abandonment emails, this experience was designed to encourage these high-intent potential customers to complete their purchase, and the results have proven that this approach doesn’t belong solely to email marketing. With a 19% increase in Conversion Rate among cart abandoners, this was a sweet win.

  • Buy Again Recommendations

Returning costumes are your most valuable audience, and personalizing their user experience can make quite an impact on your sales. An evidence for that you can find in the results of the Buy Again test, where Nectar Bath Treats witnessed a 10% increase in Conversion Rate among returning customers by simply showing them their previously purchased products, making it easier for them to buy them again.


Due to its minimal required resources and very high ROI, this is now an ongoing optimization process for Nectar Bath Treats. Each month the team chooses the changes they most believe in, and tries them out. Some succeed right away, while others require some iterations until the right behavior or design is found and generates the desired KPI growth. Each test and conclusion is bringing up more and more ideas for improvement and additional insights on the user behavior, helping to keep optimizing the funnel and maximizing the business’s growth.

“ app is incredibly helpful for our website optimization, we were able to run many tests on a variety of areas from cart checkout, upsells, and cross sells, without ANY coding knowledge, the only thing better than this app is the dedicated team behind it! We have seen a very nice uplift in less than 3 months. The Cherry on top was that Visually offers features that helped us save costs on other apps all the while increasing our revenue - Thank you!!”

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