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How Kidoriman Increased Their Conversion Rate By 76% With Ease
How Kidoriman Increased Their Conversion Rate By 76% With Ease

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Kidoriman is a global men's fashion brand renowned for its distinctive and chic streetwear apparel. Despite their success, the brand's decision-makers recognized the need to focus on increasing their Average-Order-Value (AOV) to optimize profitability and efficiency due to the high cost of global shipping, which required innovative solutions to augment their business strategies. This is where came in.

80% uplift in PSV (Per Session Value)

76% uplift in Conversion Rate

50 monthly experiences


  1. Kidoriman's commitment to data-driven decision-making meant they were seeking ways to execute A/B tests and measure the impact of their store changes on the Conversion-Rate and Average-Order-Value. They tried working with CRO agencies but the limited testing capabilities meant that only a few tests could have been conducted each month, making the process slow and expensive. Also, successful tests required additional development resources, which Kidoriman found challenging to allocate.

  2. Personalization - With products sold worldwide, the messaging and content required customization to guarantee that customers saw relevant content, including shipping terms, local promotions, and location-specific seasonal hero banners. Creating multiple versions of their website to accommodate different demographics was time-consuming and resource-intensive.

  3. Site speed - The numerous apps Kidoriman used to work with for upsells, product recommendations, shipping bar, countdown timer and so on, were slowing down the site, leading to decreased user experience and conversion rates, so they were looking for ways to become more efficient.

SOLUTION provided Kidoriman with an intuitive no-code platform that allowed them to create A/B tests within just a few clicks, removing the need for extensive development resources.

  1. Quick and affordable A/B testing - They could now conduct 50 tests every month, making it possible to test various design and messaging elements on their site. And when an A/B test turned out to be a success, they updated its allocation to 100% of the traffic within a click of a button.

  1. Personalization -'s powerful segmentation capabilities allowed Kidoriman to customize the store for their customers based on:

    • Geolocation - Communicated the relevant shipping policy based on the user's country, and customized the homepage to focus on different collections for southern and northern hemisphere audiences, according to their current season.

    • Behavior - Gave VIP customers early access to their Black Friday sale

    • Marketing campaigns - Customized the store to the campaign content, to create a full and consistent experience for the customer.

  1. Site speed -'s all-in-one solution streamlined Kidoriman's app usage and reduced their monthly fees. This change improved their site speed and user experience, enhancing engagement and satisfaction levels.


Kidoriman plans to keep testing every change on their store, creating more personalized user experiences, and reducing development resources.

"Visually is an absolute GAME-CHANGER that not only made our A/B tests more comfortable and quicker to implement, it also helped us improve our AOV dramatically. This is by far the most significant app you'll have and for stores with medium to large scale - an absolute must-have."

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