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ThePerfectJean: 18% Conversion Rate Uplift
ThePerfectJean: 18% Conversion Rate Uplift

Partnering with and Softlimit

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The Perfect Jean

The innovative men’s fashion brand The Perfect Jean is acclaimed mostly for their high-quality stretch denim, designed to achieve maximum comfort for their customers. Moreover, their attention to detail and commitment to sustainability make them a top choice for fashion-conscious consumers.

+18% in Conversion Rate

51 experiences


As a popular merchant with significant amounts of visitors and purchasers, TPJ is a big fan of optimization and data analysis. Knowing that every small increase in conversion rate is translated to millions of dollars in revenue, they have realized that CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and A/B testing are major growth engines.

The problem was that the company aspired to combine 2 seemingly opposite goals:

  1. Pursuing a roadmap of innovative and complicated developments.

  2. Maintaining agility, and constantly optimizing and testing new things to gain quick wins.

TPJ was determined to find a magical combination of these 2 opposite goals: heavy-lifting developments and a high level of agility and constant optimization.


The Perfect Jean found what they were looking for in the form of a collaboration between the company’s web design and development studio, Softlimit, and the no-code experience platform,

The synergy between the two, allowed TPJ to enjoy the best of both worlds:

✦ Constantly change and test out new things, gaining quick Conversion Rate and Average Order Value uplifts using Visually’s no-code experience platform.

✦ At the same time they could stay focused on the big roadmap projects without needing to constantly change development priorities and timelines.

Here are a few examples of the successful ongoing optimizations TPJ was able to seamlessly integrate into their day-to-day operations as they split tasks between Softlimit and to maximize their outcomes:

  • Removing Conversion-Killing Apps

In today's business landscape, it's common for merchants to assume that integrating popular apps and features will automatically enhance their business outcomes. However, what many fail to consider is the crucial step of conducting A/B tests to evaluate the impact of each tool on the CR and AOV. Without this analysis, it's impossible to accurately gauge whether these additions are truly boosting profitability or, worse yet, negatively affecting performance.

As a CRO-focused brand, TPJ did measure the impact of their various apps. They easily conducted these tests with Softlimit’s developers responsible for generating the code to hide the tested features, leveraging Visually's built-in A/B testing capabilities to implement the changes for only 50% of the audience. The outcome was eye-opening. By eliminating just a single external app from their store, they experienced a 9.3% increase in Conversion Rate!

  • Product Recommendations Made Perfect

What led TPJ in this experience was the understanding that every element on their online store shall be tested. With this in mind, they decided to conduct an A/B test, comparing Visually's smart product recommendations to those provided by another popular app they were using at the time. They quickly observed an uplift of 8.7% in revenue compared to the previous product recommendations.

But TPJ didn’t stop there by merely replacing the previous product recommendations. Recognizing that achieving perfection often requires multiple iterations, they then conducted a layout A/B test, comparing the same widget with a different design. With this small tweak alone they achieved an additional uplift of 2.7% in revenue!

  • Size-Down tip

Online clothing shopping often triggers customer concerns, mainly due to the inability to physically try on the products before making a purchase. One of the primary anxieties for shoppers is selecting the wrong size, which can significantly decrease their confidence in completing the transaction.

TPJ conducted a successful test to address this issue. By incorporating a simple tip alongside the sizing options, recommending customers to size down if they are unsure about their choice, TPJ experienced a remarkable 4.5% increase in Conversion Rates.

The Testing Workflow

It’s important to clarify that not all A/B tests yield successful results. While the experiments mentioned above proved to be effective, there were also failing ones. The key is to try out many things in parallel, in order to achieve as many improvements as possible at a given moment.

This is one of the main values TPJ is gaining from their work with Visually’s no-code platform. They are creating tests in minutes, moving rapidly without wasting the precious time of Softlimit’s development team on every single test, and allowing them to invest their efforts on big strategic projects.


With many joint achievements and endless new test ideas, TPJ continuously conducts dozens of A/B tests independently using Visually’s no-code experience platform, and in parallel focus with their development studio on significant and complex projects and hard-code implementation of the winning versions of their successful experiments.

“Visually is an incredible app that has replaced 3-4 other apps (upsells, A/B testing, code editing, landing pages and more). It works as expected, has minimal impact on page speed, and the feature set and ease of use is really spot on.” CEO, The Perfect Jean

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