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How Polonio Group Increased Their Conversion Rate By 23% In 2 Months
How Polonio Group Increased Their Conversion Rate By 23% In 2 Months
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The Polonio Group was founded with the idea of building brands that positively impact the world. This is one of the reasons that their jewelry brand has grown so quickly in recent years. They are highly committed to serving their customers while also being very mindful of the planet by producing products in a sustainable way.

23.5% uplift in Conversion Rate

28% uplift in Revenue

20 experiences


After being inspired by numerous success stories of merchants that scaled in revenue and profitability using CRO, the company got very intrigued by the A/B testing and optimization world. They were seeking a solution that could cater to their needs, so when they were recommended on by another fast-growing brand, they decided to give it a try.

The company was looking to optimize their KPIs, using data and A/B testing.


By embracing, Polonio Group discovered a wealth of capabilities that exceeded their expectations for A/B testing and optimization, offering them a comprehensive solution and much more.

1. A/B testing with ease

The company now has the flexibility to instantly conduct split tests and experiment with various ideas on their store, effectively optimizing their conversion rate and average order value.

The newfound ability to measure the impact of these changes has been truly eye-opening for the group, as they greatly appreciate the power of data-driven decision-making over mere guesswork.

2. Moving quickly & independently

Polonio Group is now able to move quickly with new projects, and prepare for new sales with ease. Visually’s easy-to-use Promotion Boosters such as customizable countdown timers and free shipping bars, allow the team to make the most out of each promotion without depending on development resources.

3. Saving costs & increasing CR with AI-based Upsells

One of the advantages Polonio Group found in was its value-for-money proposition and the ability to save recurring costs on upsell and post-purchase apps they didn’t need anymore. With they gained much more, for less. In addition to the variety of optimization-focused tools, they now had full flexibility, a user-friendly interface, and absolutely no dependance on development which also saved them valuable resources.

Saving costs is important for every business. But it’s not enough. Since maximizing conversion rate and revenue was their top mission, the company was very pleased to see that Visually’s upsells didn’t only cost less and look better, but they were also much more effective, and increased their revenue by 6.3%!

4. Personalization as a growth engine

Polonio Group didn’t originally plan to personalize the shopping experience on their online store, but when the opportunity was presented, they did not hesitate. Here are examples for 2 big wins they had using personalization:

  • Empty cart product recommendations

The first experience was targeting only users that didn’t have any items on their carts but did open the cart drawer, using this big and valuable cart real-estate to show each user personalized product recommendations they’re more likely to purchase. The purpose of this experience was to assist the users with navigation and to increase the chances they will find products they like, which ultimately increased both their CR and AOV by 6.5% each!

  • Cart items slider

The second experience was targeting the opposite group - only users with products in their carts. The purpose of this experience was to encourage these engaged users to go to their cart and move forward with their purchase process.

For that purpose they created a product slider that presented to each user their personal cart items and had a CTA button that opened the cart. This personalized experience g. ave the group an impressive uplift of 13% in conversion rate!


Thanks to their great success with A/B testing, Polonio Group is enthusiastically adopting the methodology of testing and making informed, data-driven decisions in their future endeavors. Moreover, they are committed to keep replacing small apps they no longer need, such as their old post purchase solution, with’s smart

widgets, to optimize their costs as well as their site speed.

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