Part 4 - Targeting & Segmentation

Who do you want to see this experience? The options are endless!

One of the great things about is its endless audience targeting & segmentation options! You can choose any of the pre-defined audiences, or create your own.

Pre-defined audiences

  • All visitors

  • Cart abandons

  • Customers that viewed product pages (visited product pages)

  • Customers that made a recent purchase

  • Customers that made a purchase last week

  • Never purchased

  • High spenders

  • Coupon lovers

  • One time purchasers

  • First session

  • Customers that made at least one purchase

Custom Audience

This option provides the flexibility to INCLUDE, EXCLUDE, or COMBINE multiple definitions, such as:

  • Device

  • OS (operating system)

  • Browser

  • Brand

  • Cart size (item count): e.g. if the cart size is defined as greater than 2, only when there are at least 2 products in the cart the experience will show.

  • Cart amount: e.g. if the cart amount is defined as greater than $50, only when the cart subtotal is at least $50 the experience will show.

  • # of products seen (product page view count)

  • Products seen (target users that viewed or didn't view specific product pages)

  • # of orders (orders count)

  • Purchased items (target users that purchased or didn't purchase specific products)

  • UTM Source, UTM Medium & UTM Campaign (you can target only users that have or don't have specific UTMs in the URL, and you can combine more than one UTM. For example: "UTM Source is Facebook AND UTM Medium is Paid". Only users that have both "utm_source=Facebook" and "utm_medium=paid" in their URL will see the experience)

  • Country

  • State

  • City