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Post Purchase Upsells

Instantly increase your AOV and revenue with Post-Purchase upsells

Offer your customers to add additional items to their order, with just one click, and watch your revenue skyrocket.

Post-Purchase Upsells will create a new page between the Checkout and the Thank you page. In which the customer will see a time-limited offer, and will have an option to purchase it with one click!

When they do, the upsells will be added to the original order.

Add Post Purchase Upsell

Set Visually.io as your Post-Purchase app:

  • On your Shopify Admin, go to Settings > Checkout

  • Find the "Post-purchase page" at the bottom of the page, and choose Visually app

Limitations and Considerations

Reading Shopify's official guide on limitations will help you understand when and how the Post Purchase feature works in Shopify.


Important Information

  • You can create up to two offers in a single experience.

  • Only if the customer rejects the first offer, they will receive the second offer.

  • Post-purchase upsell offers won’t be surfaced on orders with duties and multiple currencies.