Adding a video

Increase Conversion Rate by adding products and branded videos


Videos are a powerful way to showcase your products and provide detailed information about their features and benefits, boosting your conversion rate.

Add a product video to your Product Page, or a brand video to your Home Page.

Step 1 - Add a video to Shopify's Files:

  1. On your Shopify Admin Page, click on "Settings"

  2. Choose "Files" from the menu on the left

  3. Upload your video file

  4. Copy the video link that was automatically created by Shopify by clicking the link icon on the right (you will need it to add the video via Visually)

Step 2 - Add the video's link to Visually's experience:

  1. Add Content Block at the desired position, and choose Video widget

  2. Paste the link to your Shopify's video file

The Video will be Autoplay, Mute, and on Loop by default. These can be changed on the "Customize the design" screen.

Note - in some cases, such as low battery or poor internet connection, the video may not autoplay. To ensure a positive user experience, choose the best frame from the video as the Opening Image