Will Visually.io impact my site speed?

Speed is critical. That's why we've built Visually.io to support blazing fast shopping experiences

Installing Visually.io has minimal impact on the speed score. In fact, Visually.io has the potential to replace multiple apps, resulting in improved site speed.

To ensure that your website's loading speed is as fast and efficient as possible, we've implemented a number of optimization techniques, including:

  1. Keeping a super light SDK - Our SDK, which a small javascript file that is only 15.13KB in size

  2. Asynchronously fetching - All other resources are being fetched asynchronously and in a non-blocking manner, which helps to ensure that they don't interfere with the speed and performance of your website. Additionally, our SDK is being hosted on Google CDN, which is known for its fast loading times and high reliability. The average round-trip latency of the SDK is 22ms.

  3. Including only experiences that match the targeting in the response, which helps to minimize unnecessary data transfer.

  4. Using a smart cache layer in our SDK that only requests changes from previously fetched experiences, reducing the need to load everything from scratch.

  5. Dynamically serving experiences from a client-server architecture, rather than generating one large static CSS/JS file, which can help to reduce latency.

  6. Minimizing initial DNS resolve latency by using DNS prefetching.

  7. Dynamically injecting Visually widgets based on the experiences, which helps to further streamline the loading process.

    Thanks to our Shopify native architecture, we are able to provide better performance than other top-rated platforms.